Horticultural TentHorticultural Tent

There are six sections of classes for adults in the Agricultural and Horticultural Tent with an entry fee of 50p per entry per class.

Entries must be made using the entry form via the Horticultural Secretary, details of which can be found in the schedule.  Entries may be made at any point from 8:00am up to 9.55am on the morning of the show although earlier postal and emailed entries would be appreciated to help with administration on the day.

Entries must be delivered to the Horticultural Tent on the morning of the Show by the time specified in the Rules. Prize money is listed on the entry form and full regulations are given under rules.

Fruit & Vegetables

A great demonstration of community skills with some outstanding produce


Such beauty and skill in one place

Floral Art

A display of exceptional talent.

Arts & Crafts

A great way to showcase your skills in Arts and Crafts!


Hmmm - diet - what diet.....

Homemade Drinks

Wine, mead, beer and more! All invited in this section.


What a picture!

Agricultural & Horticultural Trophies

Click on the links here to see the trophies up for grabs this year as well as last year's winners and competition rules

Top Tray

Top Tray Competition: choose your three best vegetables to display.

Full Schedule of Classes here

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