Children's Competitions

Children can enter any of the classes in the Horticultural Tent apart from the alcolholic beverage classes. They are also welcome to enter other competitions such as the Fun Dog Show.

Entry in the Agricultural and Horticultural Classes will be at a cost of 50p.  When filling out the entry form simply place the age of the child in the provided box.  To compete with the adults, leave the age box blank.

Entries must be made using the entry form via the Horticultural Secretary, details of which can be found in the schedule.  Entry may be made at any point up to 9.55am on the morning of the show although earlier postal and emailed entries would be appreciated to help with administration on the day.

Entered items must be delivered to the Horticultural Tent on the morning of the Show by the time specified in the Rules.

Prize money is listed on the entry form and full regulations are given under Rules.

Young Person's Classes

Number Description
This year all classes are open for children to compete in except the Alcoholic Beverages- Classes 60, 61 & 62.  By entering the age of the child into the box on the entry form, you will be automatically entered as a child.  If you wish to compete with the adults, please leave the age box blank.

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